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Teeth Veneers Chicago, IL

Teeth Veneers Chicago, IL, offered by Medhat Dental ExcellenceTeeth veneers are extremely thin shells made of ceramic that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They can be used for a variety of reasons, from masking a chipped tooth to brightening your smile. The procedure is easy on the patient and veneers are often seen as a more conservative option to dental crowns, which require the tooth to be completely reshaped. Veneers have proven to last for many years when the process is performed properly and don’t require any extra care. These reasons and more, often make veneers the ideal choice when it comes to dental restorations.

Why Veneers?

Veneers can be used to fix a number of issues. Some of which include:
•  Chipped or broken teeth
•  Masking stains from coffee, tea, wine, tetracycline, etc.
•  Misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth
•  Teeth that have gaps between them (veneers can close the space)
•  Teeth that have been worn down because of grinding

With veneers, the majority of your natural tooth will remain intact. Only a minimal amount needs to be removed to bond the veneer. Because veneers are catered to fit the smile of each unique individual, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the restoration and your real teeth. They also hinder staining much more effectively than a real tooth because they are made from a more stain resistant material.


It may take up to three appointments for the procedure to be completed. The first step is a veneer consultation. We will discuss the ins and outs of the procedure and decide if veneers are the right option for you. If the answer is yes, we will then determine the necessary steps to take to achieve your desired smile. It is important that you spend time planning your new smile to ensure that you will be happy with the final product. We want you to feel comfortable and assured that your new smile will be exactly what you desire.

Once we’ve settled on a plan, we will take a mold of your teeth and send it to the dental laboratory. They will construct the final product, which may take several days to a week. After which, you will return to the office and have the veneers bonded to your existing teeth. This process requires us to shave or buff a small portion of each tooth that will be bonded to a veneer. Sometimes a local anesthetic may be required, but the procedure is minor, and this is not always the case.

Find Out More

Porcelain veneers typically last between 7 and 15 years if the procedure is done properly. You should treat them as your normal teeth and continue to practice good oral hygiene. There are some alternatives, such as bondings and crowns, but veneers are an excellent medium between the two. Veneers offer you the chance to change the shape of your teeth more so than dental bonds, but not enough to require a full crown. If you have any further questions, or you would like to schedule a consultation visit, contact Medhat Dental Excellence and Artistic Smiles Family Dental Care today at (773) 774-4611 North Milwaukee Ave Location
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and we will be happy to help!
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