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Digital X-rays Chicago, IL

A Digital X-ray in Chicago, ILX-rays, or radiographs, are an integral part of an oral care treatment plan. They are one of the most valuable tools used to diagnose and prevent any issues before they become a major problem. Modern technological advancements have led to the advent of digital X-rays.
At Medhat Dental Excellence and Artistic Smiles Family Dental Care, we use digital X-rays because of the rapid acquisition time, image enhancement, and low radiation.

During a digital X-ray, we will cover you with a heavy lead apron to protect your body from radiation. Then, Dr. Medhat will insert a small plastic appliance into your mouth and ask you to bite down. Your teeth will hold the X-ray film in place as we take the radiographs. The position of the appliance depends on the type of intraoral X-ray. The process is repeated until we collect a comprehensive image of your entire mouth.

Types of Intraoral X-rays

Each type of intraoral X-ray reveals a different aspect of your teeth. The most common X-rays include:
•  Bite-wing X-rays, which highlight the crowns of your posterior teeth. Each X-ray shows the upper and lower molars, as well as the bicuspids (premolars). We use bite-wing X-rays to find decay between your back teeth.
•  Periapical X-rays, which are used for one or two teeth at a time. Each X-ray shows the entire length of the tooth, from root to crown. We use Periapical X-rays to diagnose any issues that may exist below the gumline.
•  Occlusal X-rays, which highlight the floor and roof of a mouth. Each X-ray shows an entire arch of teeth. We use Occlusal X-rays to monitor the growth and development of teeth in children.

Why We Use Digital X-rays

We use digital X-rays for a variety of reasons. Many diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues can only be seen with an X-ray. Digital X-rays are used to:
•  Locate decay between the teeth
•  Locate decay underneath a filling
•  Locate minor cracks, fractures, and other damage
•  Diagnose possible bone loss caused by periodontal (gum) disease
•  Diagnose problems in the root of a tooth, such as infection or nerve damage
•  Diagnose cancer, cysts, and other changes caused by disease
•  Help us prepare for restorative and cosmetic treatment, such as dental implants

Digital X-rays can also help monitor tooth development for children and teens. They allow us to make sure that permanent teeth are erupting properly, diagnose abnormalities, and examine impacted teeth.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

At Medhat Dental Excellence and Artistic Smiles Family Dental Care, we understand that your time is valuable, and we strive to provide quick, efficient, and safe services.

Digital X-rays involve a much faster procedure than traditional X-rays. The digital images appear instantly on our screen. If an image is blurry, we can retake an X-ray without having to wait for the film to develop. Also, the images are digitally stored, making them easier to access during future appointments.

Digital X-ray technology also provides an improved level of quality. Each X-ray can be easily resized into a larger image, without distorting the graphics or losing detail. This allows us to detect a minor fractures or instances of decay, which previously would have been impossible.

Digital X-rays also reduce radiation exposure levels but as much as 80%, making X-rays safer than ever before. They are ideal for patients with special circumstances that require X-rays on a regular basis.

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