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Laser Dentistry
Chicago, IL

A laser dentistry tool available at Medhat Dental Excellence in Chicago, ILOur experts here at Medhat Dental Excellence are prepared to perform laser dentistry procedures on you whenever necessary. Laser dentistry involves using lasers for treating different dental problems. The commercial use of laser treatment began in 1989 where it was utilized for tooth tissue procedures. It is a more comfortable option for treatment of many dental conditions that require soft and hard tissue to be handled in comparison to other traditional approaches like drills or other non-laser tools.

It works by creating light energy that presents as a low and focused beam with the light producing a reaction upon hitting the tissue to allow the removal or shaping of the tissue. Procedures treated with laser dentistry include tooth decay, teeth whitening, hypersensitivity, and gum disease. Treating your dental conditions using laser treatment is more efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective, and the methods have been approved by the FDA.

Performing Laser Treatment

When you visit our office, our team will take you through the two options of laser dentistry, which include hard tissue treatments that involve the teeth, and soft tissue ones that involve the gums, cheeks, and tongue. One of the hard tissue procedures performed by our experts is cavity detection, where lasers are used to detect cavities by establishing any evidence of tooth decay.

Tooth preparation, and dental fillings are also procedures where we use lasers to eliminate the need for traditional drills and local anesthesia. The long-term health of your teeth can be enhanced by laser treatment as this method kills bacteria residing in the cavity. Tooth sensitivity treatment is also a hard tissue treatment where dental lasers are used to seal tubules on the root of the tooth.

Our team also performs soft tissue procedures using laser treatment, which include treating a gummy smile where we use laser to reshape the gums and correct gums that have lengthened to excessively cover part of the tooth. Crown lengthening is also a common procedure we perform using laser treatment to reshape the bone and gums for healthier tooth structure. Other soft tissue procedures include the treatment of tongue frenulum attachment where laser frenectomy is used to treat tight or thick frenulum, and removal of soft tissue folds from ill-fitting dentures.

Other than the above soft and hard tissue laser treatment options, you may be advised of more procedures performed using laser treatment by our experts. Viewing of tissues can be done using laser treatment, which provides a safe view of the gums or tooth. We can also use lasers to reduce inflammation and pain experienced by TMJ/TMD sufferers.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue lasers reduce the need for sutures. Lasers also promote blood clotting hence minimizing bleeding when used to treat soft tissues. Some procedures performed using lasers eliminate the need for anesthesia. The use of lasers also reduces the chance of developing a bacterial infection due to the sterilizing property of laser on an area. With lasers you experience fast healing of wounds and they also increase the possibility of tissue regeneration. Our professionals also recommend the use of laser treatment as it significantly reduces the damage to surrounding tissues.

To enjoy the strong benefits that our dental technology affords dental patients; make an appointment with one of our dentists. Call us, Medhat Dental Excellence at (773) 774-4611 today!

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Laser dentistry involves using lasers for treating dental problems. To enjoy the benefits that our laser dentistry affords patients; make an appointment with us today. Call us at (773) 831-6696.
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