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Chicago, IL

A hand holding an Invisalign aligner at Medhat Dental Excellence in Chicago, ILOur devoted team at Medhat Dental Excellence has remained dedicated over the years to giving you a healthy and beautiful smile. After all, we all know the kind of positive impact good teeth can have on our overall dental health and our confidence. Invisalign is one of the ways we are using right now to give you that perfect smile. Crooked teeth are very common, but the good news is that this is not something you should feel ashamed about. Cosmetic dentistry is more accessible than ever before. Even the most crooked smile can be fixed using state of the art technology and innovation.

For quite some time though, traditional braces were the main treatment options for people with crooked smiles. Although metallic braces are effective, they, too, come with their challenges. No one wants to spend months wearing metal braces on their teeth. Many patients find metal braces to be embarrassing and very uncomfortable. Invisalign is seen as a more advanced alternative to metal braces. It is much more comfortable, easy to maintain, and can stay concealed in your mouth so that no one can see it.

Invisalign is going to help straighten up the teeth without relying on the traditional metal wires used in braces. This is because it is made using clear plastic. The plastic is molded into an invisible aligner that is fitted to teeth on your first visit to our office. After a few weeks, the plastic aligners will be removed and retrofitted again until your teeth are fully straightened. It takes time, though, to get the results you are looking for. In most cases, Invisalign will need up to 12 months to fully straighten crooked teeth.

Invisalign vs. Metal Braces

There are a number of reasons why we recommend Invisalign over metal braces. First, Invisalign is made using invisible durable plastic. The aligners can be fitted discretely on your teeth, and this ensures you do not have to deal with the embarrassment that comes with wearing metal braces. Invisalign is also much more comfortable compared to metal braces. It does not limit your diet options and requires very little maintenance. When you need to eat or drink anything colored, you simply remove the tray and return it after cleaning.

It will also not cause the irritation often reported by patients using metal braces. Finally, Invisalign works faster than metal braces. On average, it takes up to 12 months to straighten crooked teeth using Invisalign. Even though this may seem like a long time, it is much shorter when compared to metal braces. For example, it may take up to 3 years for metal braces to deliver that perfect smile you are looking for. It is, however, important to note that Invisalign is suited for mild to moderate misalignment cases.

Where Can I Get Invisalign?

In case you do not like how your teeth look, we may be able to help you. We offer a wide range of orthodontic procedures to give you a perfect smile. Our Invisalign treatment is customized for qualifying patients to ensure we deliver excellent results for you. Dr. Ramin A. Medhat will be happy to discuss all the options when you are ready. If you have any questions, or perhaps you want to schedule an appointment with the team, call us, Medhat Dental Excellence at (773) 774-4611.

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Our devoted team at Medhat Dental Excellence has remained dedicated over the years to giving you a healthy and beautiful smile. Invisalign is one of the ways we are using right now to give you that perfect smile.
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