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Dental Sealants
Chicago, IL

A young patient receiving Dental Sealants in Chicago IL from Medhat Dental ExcellenceBrushing and flossing are essential habits to help prevent the development of cavities and other oral health issues. Even with proper brushing, however, there are certain areas of the teeth that can be harder to reach than others. The chewing surfaces of your molars have deep grooves that can easily trap food particles and bacteria. These areas can also be difficult to reach with your toothbrush, making it difficult to keep them clean. As a result, cavities can form. At Medhat Dental Excellence, we can help to provide you with an additional layer of protection against cavities with dental sealants?

What Happens When You Have a Cavity?

A cavity is the result of tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by acid erosion, which occurs when the acids produced by plaque and oral bacteria are left on the surfaces of the teeth. These acids eat away at the enamel, weakening it. Eventually, pits, or cavities, form. When cavities form, treatment is needed right away. Without it, tooth decay continues, and the cavity grows larger. It can take over the tooth, weakening its structure and compromising its integrity. Cavities can even develop into the inner layers of the teeth, which can lead to a serious infection.

What are Dental Sealants?

Regular brushing, flossing and dental visits help to prevent cavities. However, the chewing surfaces of your teeth are often more difficult to clean than other spaces. Even if you think you are doing a good job, food particles and bacteria may be caught in the deep crevices of the molars, inaccessible by your toothbrush. Dental sealants are a treatment designed to prevent buildup from collecting in these areas of your teeth. They are made up of plastics and other materials, which are applied directly to the chewing surfaces of your molars, effectively covering over the crevices of these teeth. Along with preventing the accumulation of food debris and bacteria, they also help to make your teeth easier to keep clean.

Getting dental sealants is a quick procedure and is over in less than half an hour. The application is simple and completely pain-free. Before sealants can be applied, the teeth need to be cleaned. If there are any cavities already existing in the molars, these will need fillings before sealant application. Once the teeth have been cleaned, an acid etch is applied to the molars. The acid creates a rough texture on your teeth, which will help to ensure a stronger bond between the material and your teeth. The acid is washed away and the teeth dried. Next, the dental sealant material is painted on to your teeth, and it is dried with a UV light.

Who Gets Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are commonly thought to be a treatment only for children. While they are commonly used to help prevent cavities in children, who are more prone to cavities, they can be used on anyone, regardless of age. If you are prone to cavities, dental sealants may be a good option for you.

Making Your Dental Sealants Last

With proper care, dental sealants can last for several years. They may be made from plastic, but they are still relatively strong. If your dental sealants do get damaged, they can be easily reapplied.

While dental sealants help to prevent cavities in the chewing surfaces of your molars, they only protect the areas where they are applied. They are not a substitute for proper oral care. Without regular brushing, flossing and professional care, cavities can form in other areas of your teeth, including right around the edges of the sealants.

Dental sealants provide you with extra protection against the formation of cavities in trouble areas of your mouth. Call Medhat Dental Excellence today for more information and find out if dental sealants are right for you at (773) 831-6696 Milwaukee Ave Location or (773) 831-7399 for our East Washington Location.

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